Ksatria is pleased to announce that Graha Sehat Medika (GSM) Hospital, a 100-bed hospital located in Pasuruan, Indonesia has gone live with our Patient Administration System KMS PAS. The sale and implementation was undertaken by our reseller Mitrais.

Dr Rudy, SP. Og, the director of GSM Hospital, said “GSM Hospital is based on great management, modern equipment, and responsive human resources.” For those reasons, GSM Hospital Management decided to select and implement KMS PAS. The system will form a sturdy foundation for patient administration, pharmacy operations, tariffs & billing management.

Dr Hadi, owner of GSM Hospital said, “I have known Mitrais for a long time. The products they sell are well developed and expertly implemented. The program is carefully planned and executed appropriately, which motivated our GSM Hospital team to engage and be very active in the process.” In reply, Mitrais’ VP, She Kun said “the successful implementation was achieved not only because of hard work and dedication from both project parties, but also due to the strong commitment and support from Dr Hadi and his team, they were major contributors to the success of this project.”

The hospitals management was delighted with the performance of the Mitrais team, who expertly managed to achieve the project’s very aggressive target dates with satisfying results. Mitrais is delighted with the results of this project and looks forward to developing ongoing relationships with GSM Hospital and other hospitals into the future.

From Ksatria – congratulations to the hospital management and the Mitrais team for a great outcome!


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