Patient Administration System, PAS at Rumah Sakit Kartini
Ksatria is pleased to announce that its agent Mitrais has gone live with KMS PAS (Patient Administration) and KMS Finance at Kartini Hospital, a new 100-bed hospital located 90km from Jakarta. Kartini Hospital was looking for a superior Patient Administration System and Finance solution to seamlessly integrate front-end and back-end business processes, and allow smooth integration with the Indonesian Government’s Social Security/Health Insurance System (known as BPJS). The aim was to improve all aspects of data capture, track all transactions in detail, and reduce errors and undocumented procedures and charges. While such a large and aspirational project would typically take many months (or even years) to implement, Mitrais’ highly skilled and experienced implementation team had a huge advantage using the KMS’s implementation approach and the KMS eLearning Role-Based Training Portal. With this approach and with a strong commitment from the management KMS was up and running in a record-breaking 6 weeks! It’s no surprise that the hospital management was delighted that Mitrais was more than able to achieve the project’s very aggressive target dates and that they are extremely satisfied with the results. As dr. Noor Yulia, Director of Kartini Hospital, said, “Mitrais did a great job under considerable pressure to deliver the solution within our tight timeframes. Obviously, efficient patient administration and financial controls are keys to our delivering successful outcomes for the hospital, and it is pleasing to see that Mitrais both understood and responded to the challenges. In our view, Mitrais has certainly lived up to its reputation as a world-class partner in this space, and we look forward to continuing to work with them going forward.” Ksatria Medical Systems has also gone live at FQML with KMS Industrial, click to read full story.
Kyrie Canille

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