Yet another success by our Partner Mitrais who have just announced the successful implementation of Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS) at Unggul Karsa Medika Hospital (UKM Hospital), Bandung, Java, Indonesia, on September 27th, 2018.

The implementation of KMS HIS (Hospital Information System) & KMS FIN (Finance System for Hospitals) seamlessly connects all the Hospital processes starting from registration, to clinical processes to back-office processes. KMS will provide real-time information and integrated processes for UKM Hospital to improve patient care and operations.

“Mitrais has listened to our needs and supported our goal of improving the care we provide to our patients through the Ksatria Medical Systems,” said dr. Koko Sudjadi, director of UKM Hospital. “In this partnership we know we can continue to depend on Mitrais and KMS to take our hospital to the next level to achieve patient satisfaction.”

The implementation of KMS at UKM Hospital, a 200 beds hospital, aims to raise the standards of medical care and hospital management in order to deliver an integrated system, standardize patient management, and improve the hospital’s operational efficiency.

Mr. She Kun, VP Software Products Services at Mitrais stated that the collaborative effort established between Mitrais and UKM Hospital is the reason the implementation project was able to be conducted in an effective and efficient manner. “We worked together at a high commitment level to implement this integrated information system. KMS HIS & FIN is expected to enable the UKM Hospital to provide the highest quality services to their patients,” added She Kun.

Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS) is a complete hospital information system which has been installed in hospitals throughout Asia and Africa. With increasing numbers of hospitals that use the system, KMS keeps on improving to follow the needs and fulfil its mission to help hospitals improve patient outcomes and reduce the price of healthcare.


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