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Ksatria Has Completed The Customisation Process For Vietnam

Published on 19 March 2018

Ksatria is pleased to announce that it has completed customisation of K-MS – both PAS and HIS for Vietnam. Ksatria is also in final negotiations with two partners with plans to sign agreements in Q2 2018.

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Revenue Management for Hospital

Hospital Revenue Cycle

Published on 15 February 2018

Revenue management is not just the responsibility of the Finance Department. The diagram shows, a 'whole of hospital' effort is required to manage revenue effectively.

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Calculating a Diagnostic Related Groups DRG Code

Why Hospitals Administrators Should Care About Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs)

Published on 12 February 2018

EMR and EHR systems are fundamentally different. It is not enough to add a patient or clinician portal to an EMR system and call it an EHR, or add basic clinical data entry to an EHR system and call it an EMR.

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