KMS Industrial

KMS Industrial is a total health care management solution specially designed for organizations where on-site employee medical services are delivered, where environmental monitoring is critical, and where incident reporting and management are vital. KMS Industrial also provides comprehensive support for community health care facilities and programs that are sponsored by the company and that support the people who live in the vicinity of the company’s operations.

Occupational Health and Safety System for Industrial Sites
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KMS Industrial provides a full range of Healthcare and Occupational Health and Safety services including:

✔ Employee benefits claim administration and payment management

✔ Outpatient medical services

✔ Inpatient management including ward, admission, operating theatre and critical care modules

✔ Electronic Medical Records including medical notes and more

✔ Inventory and Pharmacy management with Point of Sale integration

✔ Accident and Emergency department management

✔ Pre-employment testing

✔ Fit-for-work assessments

✔ Regular employee health checks

✔ Work environmental monitoring

✔ Incident management and reporting, and more

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