KMS Hospital Information System is a comprehensive hospital management system covering all aspects of administrative and medical management. KMS can be implemented quickly to reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction.

Hospital Information System, K-MS HIS

KMS Hospital Information System is a fully-functional Hospital Management System with:

✔ Comprehensive Master Patient Index.

✔ Comprehensive Electronic Medical Record.

✔ Centralized physician and patient appointment scheduling.

✔ In-depth doctor’s compensation reporting feature.

✔ Robust pricing engine to cover multiple types of payment and pricing schemes.

✔ Fully integrated Inventory and Pharmacy management system.

✔ Extensive analytics and reporting capabilities.

✔ A built-in integration module.

✔ High compliance to international standards i.e. ICD 9, ICD 10, SNOMED CT, NANDA, NIC, NOC and HL7.

✔ An out-of-the-box, seamlessly integrated accounting system that automatically generates journal entries for all transactions.

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