Hospital Information System (HIS) And Patient Administration System (PAS) for All Hospitals

About Us

KMS (the Ksatria Medical System) is a complete hospital information system (HIS) which can be installed in various upgradable configurations Hospital Finance, PAS (Patient Information System), or as a complete HIS with an Electronic Medical Records (EMR). A special and optional Occupational Health and Safety Module also makes it ideal for remote working environments.

Installed in Hospitals in Asia and Africa, KMS is a web-based on-premise system. The system comes with a role-based eLearning portal to assist implementations and change management. Our mission is to use software to improve patient outcomes and reduce the price of healthcare.

Our Products

KMS – the Ksatria Medical System is an integrated software suite designed to support all aspects, clinical and non-clinical, of a Hospital's operations. Our mission is to help hospitals to improve patient care while increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. KMS can be installed in four additive configurations, each adding more value to your operation.

Hospital Finance
KMS FIN is a full featured, low cost Financial system specifically built for hospitals. It can stand alone or integrate to other KMS packages. In some countries, we will work with partners software.
PAS Patient Administration System

KMS PAS is a comprehensive Patient Administration System. A Master Patient Index, Staff Scheduling, Patient Registration and Admission, Tariffs, Billing, Government Claiming, Doctors Compensation and Pharmacy Management are just some of its features.

K-MS HIS Hospital Information System

KMS HIS adds comprehensive clinical management to KMS PAS. An EMR, CPOE, Accidents and Emergency, Outpatients, Inpatients, Theatre Managements and Dietary are just some of its features.

Occupational Health and Safety System for Industrial Sites
KMS Industrial

KMS Industrial adds Employee Health, Occupational Health and Public Health to KMS HIS to provide a system for remote mine or other industrial sites where on-site employee medical services are delivered, where environmental monitoring is critical or where incident reporting and management are vital.


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Client Name One

Mitrais - Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

"Since Go Live, KMS has been supporting the hospital in dealing with around 300 patients per day. It is a user-friendly system with a modern interface. It brings many improvements that cover all the weaknesses that the previous system had. The post-installation support from Mitrais is excellent, fast response. There hasn't been any serious problem; only minor errors or unaccustomed users that were solved easily."


Sorowako Hospital - Vale Indonesia, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Latest Updates

Ksatria appoints Bernard Sidharta, MD as CCO


Ksatria is pleased to announce the appointment of Bernard Sidharta, MD as Chief Commercial Officer. Bernard will assume responsibility for Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Partnership Management of K-MS the Ksatria Medical System.

Three Dimensions of Hospital Performance (Part 3: KPIs)


The data in a Hospital Information System (HIS) plays a central role in generating the KPIs for these three dimensions. A hospital will have other systems, most notably Finance and HR, which also contain valuable KPI data.

Three Dimensions of Hospital Performance (Part 2: Relationships)


A hospital is a "system" and maximising performance of one part of the system does not necessarily result in maximum performance overall. The diagram in this article shows that a change to one dimension has consequences for the other dimensions.