Different hospitals have different perspectives on ‘performance’ depending on factors such as location (urban or rural/remote), organisation type (for-profit or not-for-profit), funding (government or private) and service mix (general or speciality hospital).

While the specific measures of performance may vary, all hospitals have three key dimensions of performance.

**Quality** All hospitals must provide effective treatment, safely and in a way that meets patient expectations. It goes without saying that all treatment should be delivered as safely as possible. Effectiveness used to be synonymous with “following evidence-based best practice” and to a large extent that remains the case. However, there is a growing body of evidence showing that effectiveness is improved if patients’ individual circumstances are taken into account. Additionally, there is a growing trend of patients wanting a greater say in their own care. Rightly or wrongly, “bedside manner” is now an intrinsic part of “quality”.

**Access** All hospitals need to ensure optimal use of available resources – facilities, equipment and staff – by treating the highest number of people those resources allow (while maintaining quality). Timeliness and equity of access is a political issue for public hospitals, but even private hospitals need to manage timeliness of access (long wait-lists will mean patients will go elsewhere) and equity of access (in some jurisdictions private hospitals cannot legally refuse treatment in emergency situations even if the patient cannot pay).

**Price** All hospitals are expected to provide care in the most cost effective manner possible. Internal costs are reflected in the prices charged to payers (higher internal costs mean higher prices). Regardless of who pays for the healthcare – patients, insurers or the government – everyone expects to pay the lowest possible price

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