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Hospital Information System (HIS) And Patient Administration Systems (PAS) for All Hospitals

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K-MS (the Ksatria Medical System) is a complete hospital information system (HIS) which can be installed in various upgradable configurations Hospital Finance, PAS (Patient Information System), Billing, Polyclinic, or as a complete HIS with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). A special and optional Occupational Health and Safety Module also make it ideal for remote working environments.

Installed in Hospitals in Asia and Africa, K-MS can be delivered on-premise or from the cloud. The system comes with a role-based eLearning portal to assist implementations and change management. Our vision is to use software to improve patient outcomes and reduce the price of healthcare.

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Our Products

A leading software for the medical industry, Ksatria Medical System is an integrated suite of software to support clinical and non-clinical aspects of healthcare provision.

K-MS HIS Hospital Information System

K-MS HIS is a world class Hospital Management Software designed in Indonesia, by Indonesian’s, in partnership with a leading hospital in Indonesia.

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Hospital Finance

K-MS FIN is a Financial management application that has been built specifically for those hospitals already using K-Ms to automate their medical processes.

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Occupational Health and Safety System for Industrial Sites
K-MS Industrial

K-MS Industrial is a total health care management solution specially designed for organizations where on-site employee medical services are delivered, where environmental monitoring is critical, and where incident reporting and management are vital.

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PAS Patient Administration System

K-MS PAS is designed to deliver value and results. By providing a comprehensive patient master index that is integrated with appointment, registration and pharmacy management.

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Latest News

3 dimensions of hospital performance

Three Dimensions of Hospital Performance (Part 1)

Published on 19 April 2018

Different hospitals have different perspectives on 'performance' depending on factors such as location (urban or rural/remote), organisation type (for-profit or not-for-profit), funding (government or private) and service mix (general or speciality hospital).

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Ksatria Has Completed The Customisation Process For Vietnam

Published on 19 March 2018

Ksatria is pleased to announce that it has completed customisation of K-MS – both PAS and HIS for Vietnam. Ksatria is also in final negotiations with two partners with plans to sign agreements in Q2 2018.

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Revenue Management for Hospital

Hospital Revenue Cycle

Published on 15 February 2018

Revenue management is not just the responsibility of the Finance Department. The diagram shows, a 'whole of hospital' effort is required to manage revenue effectively.

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